DSC08584Hi, I am Sara Marie Moore.

I’m a busy journalist who brought a hedgehog home with her husband Andrew in March 2017. I didn’t get a hedgehog because of the current cute Instagram photo craze or numerous adorable hedgehog products. I got my first hedgehog during fourth grade in the ‘90s. Hokey Pokey taught me a lot about hedgehogs as a youth but Ginger is teaching me even more as an adult.

I believe hedgehogs are the perfect pet for some people, but not everyone. They require a lot of unconditional love, understanding and fortitude. I like to say that hedgehogs are not for the faint of heart. If you are an adventurous type who enjoys a challenge, I invite you to join the hedgehog movement.

Buckle up with your ball of quills; you’re in for a great adventure.




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